DMIT Analysis

We analyse diverse individuals for various reasons and provide apt solutions through our D.M.I.T reports. The process envisages

Toddlers (age 1-4):

Knowing a toddler's potential at an early or preliminary stage would help parents identify potential and decide the best educational and parenting methods.

Children (age 4-12):

The children of this age are curious to learn, restless and can absorb information quickly. Discovering their learning style and areas of intelligence gives a clue on what courses and activities they should be engrossed.

Teenagers and Young Adults (age 13-25):

Discovering ones learning style at this age can enhance the learning experience. Subject and educational stream selection helps save time, money and effort and channelizes energy in the right direction.

Adults (age 25+):

Analysis at this age helps take career decisions. Develops understanding between individuals, helps understand yours and your partner's personality traits, betters relationship and enhances people management skills.

Schools and Students:

Helps choose the right academic course and a suitable career. Understand diverse effective styles of learning. The suggestions thus offered through D.M.I.T can help one exel in their desired path. It helps improve confidence and relationships, it is effective in overall personality development.


Helps in deciding put right resource at the right place, reduces cost, increases competition, happy and dedicated individuals and thus productivity. It also helps curb attrition and cost. Better man management and consistent deliverance helps create healthy employer employee relationship, is cost effective and betters performances.

Activities and methods related can also be frequently applied to sharpen ones learning and developing style.